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Your event translated into any language in real time

Thrive in international markets by breaking the language barrier with the help of a professional simultaneous interpreting service designed to meet your needs.
Both in-person and online events.
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Do you struggle with the language spoken by your foreign colleagues? Do you want to ensure that your message is delivered accurately?

You are going to receive a group of Polish delegates at your company, and the last thing you want is for your conversations to be limited to an awkward exchange in broken English.
Your specialised congress is set to break the attendance record this year, and it’s crucial that international attendees gain valuable insights and have the opportunity to listen to presentations in their own language.
You are setting up a Zoom webinar to boost sales by expanding into new markets, but languages have never been your forte.

You can brush up on your language skills, but leave the important pitches to the professionals.

We handle real-time translation for all of your events in any language you need. Our team of highly skilled and experienced simultaneous interpreters will help you break down language barriers and reach your full potential.
No more awkward smiles from people who didn’t understand a word you said.

Do you need a simultaneous interpreter for your real-time event translation?

In real time.

The speaker speaks, while the interpreter simultaneously translates the speech into another language. Would you be able to do it?

Into any language.

Spanish. French. Italian. Portuguese? Japanese? We provide interpreting services in any language.

In Spain and abroad.

We typically work in Barcelona and Madrid, but we have offered services in Alicante, Milan, Rome, Lisbon, Dublin, Amsterdam, Munich, Abu Dhabi, New York and Toronto. Let us know your needs and we will find the best solution for you.

What types of events typically use simultaneous interpreting, either in-person or remotely?

We advise you on the technical option that best suits the event you have in mind.


Remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) is the ideal solution for translating your video conferences or online events in real time on platforms such as Zoom, Teams or Webex.

In-person with Infoport

A wireless system similar to tourist audio guides that allows mobility in itinerant meetings with few participants, such as visits to factories, companies, showrooms, etc.

In-person booth interpreting

Ideal for congresses and conventions with a large number of participants. The interpreter works inside a soundproof booth installed in the room where the event is taking place. Participants listen through receivers with headphones.

Incorporate remote simultaneous interpreting into your online event to reach an international audience without having to travel.

Do you want to see how well online interpreting works?

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We provide Infoport​​ equipment for your
in-person events with a small number of participants.

We use interpretation booths for multilingual events with a large number of participants.


Date and time

When will the event take place? Will it be in the morning? In the afternoon? All day? Will it only last 1 hour?



Where do you plan to hold the event? In a hotel auditorium? At your company? Is it a Zoom webinar?

It is important to know the space to choose the most appropriate technical option.



In what language will the different presentations be given, and into which languages do you need translation?



A fashion presentation is not the same as a medical congress.

We select the most suitable interpreter based on the language and the specialty.


Number of attendees and type of meeting

Provide an approximate number of attendees, and an idea of how the session will be structured.

Request your quote for simultaneous interpreting by providing us 5 details about your event.

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Take a look at some of our success stories

T2T8 is our trusted provider, and their interpreters have been working with us for years. At Desigual, we value the quality of their work, as well as their rapid reaction time and ability to adjust to last-minute services. 100% recommendable.

– P. Rodríguez, Desigual

Highly professional and attentive. I really appreciate their quick response and thorough follow-up.

They have been able to find translators/interpreters in all European cities I’ve needed at truly competitive rates. The interpreters were all highly qualified and experienced, and they provided an outstanding service.

– F. Roldán, BMC Travel

Carla the founder is extremely helpful and available. We contacted her with little time before an event in a different city and she was able to provide us with a great service during a full-day conference. I was given her contact by a colleague as he had had a great experience with Time to Translate at a previous event. We will be using their services again for sure.

– V. Sinisi, Friedrich Naumann Foundation

Carla and her team show great professionalism and dedication at any event. An excellent service that I highly recommend.

– N. Cabrera, UManresa-Fundació Universitària del Bages

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Simultaneous interpreting requires a high degree of concentration and mental agility, which places a significant cognitive load on the interpreter. Interpreters can only work alone for a maximum of 1.5 hours. For longer events, interpreters usually work in pairs in intervals of approximately 30 minutes each.
Yes, absolutely. It is identical to face-to-face simultaneous translation, but the interpreter connects to the online platform from their office. To ensure a quality service, they follow a series of recommended practices, such as using headphones with a built-in microphone or a wired internet connection.
Interpreters are constantly training to expand their knowledge in different areas of specialisation. However, we always ask that you provide us with information and documentation about the event in advance so that the interpreter can prepare adequately and provide the best possible service.
Of course. We work with interpreters who can translate in courts, tribunals, notaries, etc., in any city in Spain. Ask us.
The simultaneous interpreting service is charged per half day (up to 4 hours), full day (up to 8 hours) or mini-conference (1 hour). The cost of the equipment and technical assistance, if needed, must be added to the cost of the interpreter.
We cannot predict the future. Machine interpreting is a rapidly developing technology, but it is not yet a replacement for human interpreters. We highly advise against it for important business meetings, congresses or conferences, as it can lead to serious misunderstandings.

Request your quote for simultaneous interpreting and we will guide you.

20 years helping you to grow through written translation and simultaneous interpretation


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